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At Vitalx, we believe the most compelling way to positively affect consumers’ health is to provide the purest, most highly quality controlled supplements in the industry to YOU, the end user. 

We use an exclusive distributor and partner strategy to put the very best tools, normally exclusive to medical doctors, in the hands of those who know their patients and clients best, to achieve optimal health outcomes. This is why you won’t find our supplements for sale on the web.

Our innovative dietary supplements are laid out in easy to understand formula groups and packages to cater to all knowledge and expertise levels.

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Price is not the primary factor in
the sourcing of raw materials for our products. 
In order to end up with the quality product that health professionals and their patients expect, raw materials are sourced based on their authenticity and efficacy as demonstrated in scientific literature.


During the manufacturing process, a variety of tests to verify the identity, strength, purity, composition, and absence of contaminants in any given component is used in production. We ensure completed formulas meet no less than 100% of the amount of all ingredients claimed on our labels.


A certificate of analysis (COA) documents our formulas’ quality. Every lot of every product will have a COA generated to document all of the testing performed on the product, the specifications each test is intended to comply with, and the actual results for each test.



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